Entertainment Display Mount
Issued Aug 29, 2017
Patent US 9743769B2 ;
Application Number: 14879921

A mount assembly for dynamically positioning a display to a mounting surface. The assembly comprises a base support frame and a pivoting support frame pivotally coupled thereto and defining a pivot angle in between, with the pivoting support frame being transitional between first and second positions, the pivot angle increasing as the pivot support frame transitions from the first position toward the second position. A carriage frame adapted to be engaged with the display, and having a first attachment portion is pivotally and translatably coupled to the base support frame and defines a carriage angle therebetween, and a second attachment portion is pivotally coupled to the pivoting support frame. The carriage frame is transitional relative to the base support frame between stowed and deployed positions, the carriage angle increasing as the carriage transitions from the stowed position to the deployed position.
Passenger seat module
Issued: April 2, 2019
Patent Number: 10246192
Application Number: 15/249,25

A passenger seat module in which one or more of the modules can be installed in the cabin of a vehicle, such as an airplane, train, bus, automobile, etc. The passenger seat module includes a passenger seat, such as an adjustable reclining seat. A movable console having a table top is positioned in front of the seat and is slidably coupled to at least one rail mounted in the floor of the vehicle or to the module. The rail extends from the front of the module to about proximate the front portion of the seat, such that the console is slidable along the rail between the front of the module and a position just in front of the seat. The video monitor may be liftable substantially vertically through an opening in the table between a stowed position below the table to a viewing position above the table.
U.S. patent number 10,246,192 [Application Number 15/249,255] was granted by the patent office on 2019-04-02 for passenger seat module. This patent grant is currently assigned to PANASONIC AVIONICS CORPORATION. The grantee listed for this patent is PANASONIC AVIONICS CORPORATION. Invention is credited to Birendra Prasad