Certificate of Appreciation

Keynote Speaker for the IEEE -ICSES-2021 Conference _Certificate, 24 - 25, September 2021. India
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This certificate is presented to Dr. Biren Prasad as a token of appreciation for his outstanding service as a KEYNOTE SPEAKER for the IEEE 2021 International Conference on Innovative Computing, Intelligent Communication and Smart Electrical Systems (ICSES 2021) held at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India during 24 - 25, September 2021.
Signed by
Dr. K. VijayaKumar, Org. Chair
Dr. P. Ravichandran, Conf. Chair

Certificate of Appreciation- Orange County Engineering Council (OCEC) Leaders Forum, Oct. 12, 2016, OC, California

Certificate of Appreciation presented to Dr.Biren Prasad, President and CEO, Knowledge Solutions Distinguished Panel Member of the Leaders Forum on The Future of Engineering in Southern California.

Distinguished Engineering Merit Award 2013

Orange County Engineering Council (OCEC), National Engineers’ Week Awards Banquet, February 22, 2013

The Engineers Week (E-week) is celebrated each year during the month of February throughout the United States. The Orange County Engineering Council (OCEC), which is an umbrella organization representing numerous engineering, scientific and technological societies and corporations in OC, also organizes an awards banquet during the E-week and recognizes outstanding individuals and projects for their exceptional professional engineering performance and accomplishments. Distinguished Engineering Merit Award is given annually by OCEC to an individual who has achieved significant expertise in a particular field or area of engineering or science. In accordance with OCEC criteria, the engineering experience of the award recipient must excel that of his or her peers and he/she must stand out in the engineering/technological/scientific community. Dr. Biren Prasad (aka Brian) – received the Distinguished OCEC Engineering Merit Award for 2013. This prestigious award was presented to Dr. Prasad during the National Engineers’ Week Awards Banquet --held on Friday, February 22, 2013 at the Coyote Hills Golf Course, California.

B.J. Fries Award of Merit 2012,

Apr 2012 honor issuer CATIA Operator Exchange (COE) Forum
COE AWARD, 2012: COE recognizes companies and individuals who have made important contributions to our industry and the COE organization, which have a significant impact on the community of Dassault Systèmes PLM solutions users. The COE BJ Fries Award is presented every year at the Annual PLM Conference & TechniFair.
B.J. Fries Award of Merit: This award is conferred annually to honor outstanding individual(s) from COE member companies, who in the judgment of the Honor Awards Committee, have made valued, balanced contributions to the COE organizations' activities and growth. The Award of Merit is conferred upon an individual - focusing on the person's accomplishments. At the COE 2012 Annual Conference and TechniFair, Dr. Brian Prasad was awarded a plaque and a certificate for his contributions, accomplishments and services to the COE community.

RG h-index


The h-index is a simple way to measure the impact of your work and other peoples’ research. It does this by looking at the number of highly impactful publications a researcher has published. The higher the number of cited publications, the higher the h-index, regardless of which journal the work was published in.

RG Score: 60.72
h-index: 27
Dr. Prasad’s RG score is higher than 97.5% of all ResearchGate members’ scores.

PARKER CSD Mentoring Plaque, 2008:

This award is conferred to few select Parker top performing individuals, who are nominated by their management. Selected mentees work under a supervision of a Senior Mentor to finish the requirements for the Mentoring Program in a particular technical area. This Mentor/ Mentee program is managed by the Parker aerospace group Human Resources Division. Dr. Prasad received this plaque in honor of him successfully completing the Lean Mentoring Program under Scott Willis (Mentor). The Plaque was given to him during a award banquet held in September 2008 – celebrating the Parker recipients of the program for the first time.

Parker Technical Authorship Award, 2005

Parker Technical authorship Award was presented to Dr. Prasad for demonstrating excellence through the authorship of a paper entitled “Ä knowledge-based Systems Engineering Process for obtaining Engineering Design Solutions” jointly with Jeff Rogers. The paper was published in the proceedings of IDETC CIE 2005, and presented at the ASME 2005 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference held on September 24-28, 2005. Brian Prasad also received a monetary prize for bringing credit to Parker Hannifin for it’s technological expertise. Craig Maxwell, Vice President Technology and Innovation signed this framed certificate on Ist day of April, 2006 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Outstanding Leadership Award, for the Chairmanship of the Advances in Concurrent Engineering Conference Series (CEXX), 1997

Certificate of Appreciation, Oakland University, Rochester, MI, 1996

Oakland university Expresses Appreciation to Biren Prasad EDS/Delphi, Automated Concurrent Engineering, Troy,MI. For the presentation of a special leacture entitled " INTRODUCTION TO CONCURRENT ENGINEERING" held at Oakland University,Rochester, Michigan on this twenty-sixth day of April, Ninteen-hundered and Ninety-six.

Certificate of Service Recognition, as the Managing Editor of the International Journal of Concurrent Engineering Journal (CERA), 1994

International Society For Productivity Enhancement Honors & Produly Presents DR.BIREN PRASAD . This certificate of Recognition and Appreciation for outstanding Service As The Managing Editor Of The International Journal On Concurrent Engineering-Research & Applications (CERA) Pitlsburgh, August 1994

Award of Appreciation ASME International, American Society of Mechanical Engineering, The Engineering Information Management Program, as an Organizer of a Panel on The Impact of Concurrent Engineering on the Manufacturing Enterprise

The Engineering Information Management Program Presents This Award of Appreciation to Dr.Biren Prasad, in testimony of the high regards of yours assocaites and the deep appreciation of the society for your valued services in advancing the engineering professiob as Panelists on :"The Impact of Concurrent Engineering on the Manucfacturing Enterprise" presented at the 1997 Engineering Information Management Symposium.

Certificate for Outstanding Achievement from Personalities of America

This is to certify that Dr.Biren Prasad has been accepted to appeat in the FOURTH EDITION for Outstanding Achievement.

Certificate of Recognition on PARS, Received from NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration., in 1981

Certificate of Recognition for the creative development of a technical innovation which has been proposed for publication as a NASA Tech Brief entitled...
“PARS: Programs for Analyses and Resizing of Structures Signed: Chairman Inventions and Contributions Board, April 16, 1981.”